From Our Desk


At DEWATSHANG SARANGAL (DESA) the underlying philosophy is Growth with Integrity. We strive to deliver finest projects that would go a long way in contributing to the built environment for now and future generations.


  • Integrity, Sensitivity and Courage
  • To deliver within the perimeter of our philosophy
  • Client and environment are our principal partners
  • Green energy
  • Knowledge, creativity, collaboration and accountability


  • To deliver sustainable design solutions with a sensitive consideration for conservation of natural resources, environment and built environment.
  • To deliver the goals of the client through knowledge experience,imagination and quality design.
  • To let the firm be seamless in order to achieve growth, consistent quality in deliverance and long term relationships.


  • To establish ourselves as the firm with comittment to deliverance of finest design solutions.
  • To provide exceptional and stimulating environment for all our team members to grow and excel.
  • To achieve our financial targets while upholding the philosophy of the firm.