About Us


An Architectural firm initiated in New Delhi by Dorjee Wangdi Dewatshang and Nadish Sarangal in the year 1991. As young Architects they gained work experience abroad with the reputed firms Alain Carre Design Etudes, Paris, France and Payne Cullen Partnership, Hertfordshire, U.K.

This stint enabled them to understand, apply modern techniques and standards applicable abroad in the Indian context with due attention paid to the environment and the local construction system. The firm prides in providing efficient, environment conscious and economically viable design solutions, in order to achieve a healthy built environment and a vibrant society.

Other interests are in infrastructure, reality, hospitality, publication, trading and information technology. In their endeavour they are supported by a team of experienced and efficient professionals in various connected fields. The team consists of young and talented, professionals, technicians, artisans and support staff.